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Rum River Wirehairs Dogs – proven right here in the
tough Minnesota and North Dakota conditions!


Rum River MAX
- whelped 08/06/2008 - Liver and White ticking --- Max is available for stud dog

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   Max has an outstanding build at 55lbs. He can flat out fly in the field, and he's strong enough to get through the toughest cattails and timber. Max also excels in the water and is a strong swimmer. He has a tough wiry coat that keeps him protected from the weather and cuts from swamp grass. He showed an outstanding nose even as a puppy, and has matured into a nice hunting dog. He is also the friendliest dog you will ever meet, soaking up all the attention he can get.
Max comes from great bloodlines, with some well-known national champions in his background.


Rum River CHEYENNE - whelped 02/06/2010 - Liver and White ticking

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   Cheyenne is one tough girl, and was the reason why I fell in love with wirehairs. She has a prey drive like I have never seen before. Wild bird hunting even when it’s a slow day she is always going at 100% and has no quit in her. People I have taken often joke that she must carry a few roosters with her,  she always manages to find her fair share. She has a nice wiry coat, for the rough Minnesota weather, she is 45 lbs of bird finding machine. Cheyenne has loved water from the first time I ever took her to the lake, very strong swimmer and retriever. She has a great nose, outstanding temperament and I am honored to have owned her and been her hunting partner. She has some outstanding dogs in her pedigree, and it has shown in her ability. Any dog can find planted birds in a field, few can find true wild birds like Cheyenne.


Rum River To Fast To Furious LETTY - whelped 12/24/2012 - Black and White ticking

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   Letty has been another great dog. She has an awesome temperament around kids and other dogs. She is 44 lbs and extremely athletic in the field. She showed a great nose as a puppy. She is a treat to hunt behind, stays in that medium to short distance and covers back and forth very nice.  She has a very long coat, which happens to be a little softer than I usually like, but her pups have had a traditional wiry coat. She is black and white and has the true German bloodlines, and it shows in her hunting style, and great ability to track wounded birds.


Rum River SMITTY - whelped 11/25/2014 - Black and White ticking - not available for stud


   Smitty is athletic as they come at 54lbs. I have not been able to tire this dog out, even after hunting all day. Even at his young age, he has pointed well over 50 wild birds, and well over 200 birds training.  He has a nose that is second to none. He is already tracking running birds like a 5 year old dog. If a bird goes down and Smitty’s in the field, I guarantee he will be the one fetching the bird up, and he has never been forced fetched. I cannot believe how he runs through tough cover for a young dog. He goes right for the cat tails here in Minnesota. He has the most beautiful coat, nice length and wiry, and if you haven't seen a black and white wirehair you’re in for a treat. We cannot wait to watch him mature over the next few years. Pheasant’s might not stand a chance if he is in the field!

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